Phil Jaycob is a freelance director and editor based in Zurich.

With bold, refreshing storytelling and an instinct for creating special moments, Phil’s recognisable style is embedded in his ever-growing body of work. Spanning commercials, documentaries and music videos, Phil’s portfolio includes work for globally recognised brands such as Jaguar, Samsung, Greenpeace, Sony Music and Allianz, as well as artists like Loco Escrito, Dabu Fantastic and Naomi Lareine.

From shooting to post-production, Phil is hands-on and involved in every aspect of the artistic process. Working both in English and German, with an intuitive eye for casting and a natural ability to inspire powerful performances, his secret sauce is being able to create thought-provoking narratives infused with feeling, affecting audiences with pieces that feel real, grounded, yet unexpected.

Born in Vienna to Indian parents and raised in Zurich, Phil’s exposure to different cultural influences sparked in him a deep passion for visual storytelling. From a young age, he was drawn into a vibrant world of art, dancing, film and design, which led him to study Audiovisual Media at Zurich University of Arts. Phil credits his life experiences and education for helping develop his artistic sensibilities.

An open-minded collaborator who thrives on the creative processes and challenges brought by every project, Phil has worked with clients around the world — meanwhile instilling each piece with authenticity, creativity and story.

Phil Jaycob is now available for freelance projects. Get in touch.